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Custom-printed matchbooks and matchboxes

Custom-printed matchbooks and matchboxes are the best known promotional product for restaurants, which have not faded in popularity even despite the reduction in smoking. The majority of Hungarian and European catering establishments have smoking areas, but custom matchboxes are items – and also fantastic promotional products – which even non-smoking guests are happy to take away.

We recommend custom-printed matches for all types of catering establishment, and although the majority of hotels are non-smoking, it is still worthwhile putting them out in common areas – obviously out of reach of children – since hotel guests who like a smoke are certain to light up in the bar, the terrace or in other designated places.

Pickinfo Kft. produces and sells promotional matchbooks and matchboxes in various quantities and packaging that can be used for individual purposes. They can be ordered in many variations from sets of ten to sets of twenty-two, and the personalised packaging that carries the promotional value for the product is also provided in many different designs.

If you are looking for something more discrete but yet noticeable, we recommend the Slim or Handy designs, while those preferring the more spectacular options are best to go for the Fat, Quadrat or Triolino; these boxes are bigger in size and specially designed, which means the promotional area is guaranteed to catch attention.

Wholly unique design solutions are possible too thanks to our die-cut packaging. Custom-printed matchbooks and matchboxes in unique forms that fit in seamlessly with the business profile represent a kind and unexpected gesture for clients.

The Drum design can be a favourite of men just as much as the ladies; an exciting, elegant box that anyone would be glad to pick up. The Flip-top is similar, ideal primarily as a promotional product for tobacco companies since a matchbox designed the same way as a box of cigarettes is unusual, and so will definitely draw attention to the brand.

But a stylish, unique matchbox can not only be a great accompaniment for a cigarette box but also for cigars. Smoking cigars is a real passion for some, and an important part of the social programme for others, but definitely an event that is well complemented by a unique matchbox. The Double Quadrat and Cigar matchboxes are elegant and can be effective promotional products as thanks to their design they can display a greater volume of text or graphics.

And if you are after a really innovative design then we recommend the Ash-With-You product, which is a fire-resistant, portable ashtray and stub box, sure to be a hit with all smokers.

We have a range of die-cut options available but we are happy to manufacture your own designs too. The Promotional merchandise information section contains detailed information on the basic and extra solutions contained in the individual categories.

If you browse through our product range you will surely find the best products for your catering establishment.

The personalised packaging is produced at the company's production site in Budakeszi once the graphic design work is submitted and approved. We can deliver the finished products anywhere in Europe within 6-8 weeks of the approved design.

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